Sugar Mama Chiquita Wants Someone to Treat Her Right

Sugar Mama Chiquita
Sugar Mama Chiquita
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Chiquita is a 39 year old sugar mama. She is interested in meeting younger men from anywhere. She needs someone not younger than 22 and is seeking long-term relationship. She loves her natural looks and needs a man that would not have issues with that.

Sugar Mama Chiquita
Sugar Mama Chiquita

I’m a fun loving woman who enjoys and appreciates the simple things in life. I’m laid-back and loves many types of music, sports, movies, shows, etc. I like to learn and explore new things as well. Besides work, I spend my time with swimming, ballroom dancing, computer graphics/animation, architecture, learning to play pool, a little bartending, and… Yadda yadda yadda___lol

Here are some fun facts about me:
1) I rather a man leave the toilet seat up (reason available upon request). 2) I actually run away (or duck) from ‘the bouquet’ when it’s thrown at wedding receptions. Don’t get me wrong, I think marriage and weddings are beautiful. I just don’t have that ‘bridezilla gene’ (i don’t look at a ring as if I were gollum from ‘lord of the rings’; wringing my hands, salivating, while chanting “my precious”)___lol & smfh! I just feel commitment should come naturally and mutually. Not be like a game and rushed or forced. Heck, it’s a man that will keep me warm at night not a ring 😉
3) and… Contact me at your own risk – I promise, I won’t bite… Maybe 😉
I am looking for

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Honestly, It would really make me feel happy to make that ‘special’ connection with a god-fearing man that has a big heart, a beautiful mind, and a loving spirit. A man who doesn’t mind laughing at himself sometimes (no one’s perfect, right?, but is serious about what he wants and needs in life. Where we have a level of playfulness and fun together.

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  • Am Edwin james, am 19 i livje in Makurdi benue state, looking for a beautiful woman to be with ***84891305. I will like to be with you and make you happy if you also make me happy. Am happy to see yur beautiful face***; Thanks pls accept my request and i wont let you down***; There’s always a chance in trying.. i have waited for this for a long time

  • Hi! Greetings to you Sugar Mummy Chiquita,.I’m Bethuel Haefa 20 single young handsome strong energetic guy from Papua New Guinea I’m down to earth good humble loving caring and very respectable guy,I’ll love you and treat you with utmost respect coz I know how much ur heart is precious and valuable to me I promise, dear just contact me if you need a too young lover like me ok? I’m willing to be it sweet young lover..thanks!


  • Am peter David from Kaduna. ***88100***
    I hope u give me the chance to prove myself to u dear. And I promise you won’t regret it dear. Nice look u got dear and will forever love and cherish you dear

  • Hi ma’am I’m Frances Leonardo by name I’m among DOS in ur prefared age rate I’m 21 years, I’m a funny, loving guys ready to mingle if dats wat u want, I’m caring nd I promise I won’t bite jst a u said too lolzz I’m a tall handsome guy from Port Harcourt city, heres ma contact @ +***815******5 or chat me on WhatsApp @ +***7017***005 I’ll b waiting

  • I’m a loving and caring young man who is easy going and understanding.I see the world in a very special perspective,i tend to see the best in people and also I believe that life is really all that serious( I mean take a wild) .I love exploring, traveling( like there’s so much to see and so many to go)I love talking and I’m that shoulder to lean on and that ear that listens.I love fun and exciting activities ,I love Art and I love God and I love Life.I believe I am a box of wonders and all I wish is a beautiful soul to be with in my world of rainbows.I am 24 and currently pursuing my second degree in Human Resources Management at the University of Ghana.You are a beauty and having to be with someone like you could be some positive energy for a change and whereas if you could have a bio like that I am way impressed because I think I could you could be my Cinderella..Would really love to hear from you.Kindly contact me +*********397

  • Hello I’m Noble from Ghana. I’m fair in complexion and I’m 25 years of age. I have been looking for this opportunity for so long and I believe this is my opportunity. This is my contact +******278***

  • I am a caring and loving young man who’s easy going and fun to be with. I’m an open minded fellow who is just filled with curiosity and wonders. I see the world in the very special perspective my understanding I believe that there is more to life there’s so much more to be done with just little time I find love in exploring,reading books,Art at it’s Finest. I think to see women as beautiful and powerful creatures hey just put it into the earth to create some sort of balance like some unique piece of all so we can do without. I’m 24 years old and I am student chasing my second degree in Human Resource management of the university of ghana. I believe he that finds a woman finds a good thing and to me my dear you are a beauty who I know would never lack the tender, love and care. I would love to know you it’s would be an honour because from your bio your sound like an amazing person and I think I need that kinda spark in my life right now .so kindly contact me +*********397

  • I’m kingsley and I’m a fashion designer,a Nigerian ***;
    My comments don’t get posted thats why I’m just being brief
    Please hit me up

  • I’m kingsley and I’m a fashion designer,a Nigerian ***;
    My comments don’t get posted thats why I’m just being brief
    Please hit me up

  • Name:Bryan
    I am 27years old and tall and black in complexion
    I promise to be truthful , loyal , and about all we will blood up the relationship that will ever live to be together. But for now all I can say is action speak louder than word so I pray you give me that golden opportunity to love you and you will come to enjoy it all the time and I will try my best amto make you happy at wish and will
    Thanks for giving me a listing ear and I will be waiting for a wounderful respond.

  • Hallow my name is Alex i have been looking for such opportunity to atleast meet some1 whose daying to love and to be loved
    Iam 30yrs decent down to earth trust worthy.If interested whatsapp me +27739187821

  • Hello! I’m Emmanuel and I’m 25years old. If I’m given the opportunity, I promise to love and cherish you with everything in me. I will give you my 100% attention. Here’s my WhatsApp contact+***7010779000

  • hey chiquita ***;you look amazing i am not just saying this***;like for real ..i wonder how you’re still single.we have a lot in common i never did this before i am a curious person so i wanted a new experience and it’s kinda fun so what do i have to lose.just Email me and will see how it goes.Talk to you later.

  • Hey my Lady? Am Vincent from Kenya 29yrs old and single. I would like to be with you and I promise you will never regret. I love fun and I always like spending time around people who make me laugh cause am a jock sometimes. If I find interest in your eyes and heart, it will make me happy. Please contact. No.+***790217854
    Email: Vsakwa98**********

  • Hello darling how are you today I’m Ahmed from Egypt 35 years old I work as a waiter in a restaurant I’m looking for a serious relationship lead to marriage I can leave my country to start a beautiful life with you in anywhere
    email ar5***990**********
    what’s up +201279184***