S e x Addict 7 questions to ask yourself to know if you are afflicted

It might not be easy to spot a s ex addict, and it might even be more difficult to know if you are one. Se xual addiction does not come on suddenly. It is a series of bad s****l decisions and s****l habits inculcating into one big and dangerous problem.   If you are worried […]

See The Top Secrets To A Successful Marriage

We’ve seen a lot of negativity about marriage lately, so when I saw this positive stuff, I got interested… Whether by church wedding or signing at court, parents are giving consent for their children to be tied in holy matrimony hoping that they will procreate and live a happy life afterwards. After all the lavish […]

10 Ways Ladies Act To Avoid S*x When They Visit Guys

1. She Insists You Keep The Door Wide Open  A lady visited me yesterday “gbaaaam”, na so I lock door. The lady stood up immediately and demanded I opened the door, saying she was suffocating of heat. For inside rain ? Haba nawa ooooo. I bet she didn’t trust me 2. She Tells Her Friend To Keep […]

If You Want To Keep Your Husband To Yourself, Do These 7 Things!

  The rate of infidelity in marriage of nowadays is alarming. Infact some men see nothing wrong with that. Some have blamed it on the neglect of some wives. As a wife, there are things you can do to keep your hubby to yourself; 1. Don’t nag: This can never be over-emphasized. Nothing keeps a man away from […]

4 phrases you can use to appreciate your partner

Every single or married person likes to appear appealing to their partners and spouses within the first few weeks of being together, what happens after you get to know each other more? We tend to take our partners for granted after we get used to them because we ‘assume’ they’ll always be there. This mindset […]

How To Make A Sugar Mummy Love You

How To Make A Sugar Mummy Love You – Sugar mummies are older women who are willing to play motherly roles to a younger love in a relationship. While she benefits the love, care and sometimes s****l satisfaction and companionship, she oftentimes offers financial support to her sugar son. Speaking with an older woman and […]

5 things you didn”t know about your early morning Ere ction

Sure you get them, but do you know all there is to know about the early morning woodie? Most men get them, but do you know why the morning ere ction happens and other interesting facts about it? Check them out below. 1. No, the correct term is not ‘morning wood,’ it is actually scientifically referred […]

7 tips to help you perform excellently in Bed

1.  Communicate with your partner: If you are suffering from s****l anxiety or any of the three disorders above, you will benefit from talking to your partner. Women are usually understanding about such issues. Besides, this will lead her to come up with ways to help you out. Plus, you will not increase your anxiety by […]

8 Simple Ways to Bring Back Romance in Your Bedroom

The love season is here again when you get a perfect opportunity to re-ignite the flames in your bedroom. The chance to make sure that going forward, your man has eyes just for you. These tips by Nairobi News gives out some of the must-do-things to spark off a romantic and interesting valentine for all […]

See The Mistakes Good Girls Make in a Relationship

The problem with giving a man everything in the beginning of a relationship is that he doesn’t have anything to work for, to achieve. That doesn’t mean that you can’t go out with a man, make love with him, or move in with him– but there must be something that is saved, something more he’ll […]