US-Based Black Sugar Mummies WhatsApp Numbers Leaked!

US-Based Black Sugar Mummies WhatsApp Numbers
US-Based Black Sugar Mummies WhatsApp Numbers

US-Based Black Sugar Mummies WhatsApp Numbers – We are delighted to inform you of new US-Based Black Sugar Mummies WhatsApp Numbers that are looking forward to meeting you. Are you interested in meeting a young US sugar momma? Are you in the United States or a country close or even wish to relocate to United States? This may be your chance.

US-Based Black Sugar Mummies WhatsApp Numbers
US-Based Black Sugar Mummies WhatsApp Numbers

Meet sugar momma Starr, a 35 year old woman in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. She wants to meet a man between 30 and 40 who would be her man and make her his woman.. Free Whatsapp Number: +120***50***

US-Based Black Sugar Mummies WhatsApp Numbers LIST

Name: Elliell
I am a 35 yr old Federal employee working in the Health & Human Services field for almost 10 years. A few years ago I was feeling ambitious and loser-like so I went back to Uni to complete my undergrad. Now I feel completely grown up in time for “the real world” to devour me from the inside out. Free Whatsapp Number: +176405****

Name: Kimberly
My name is Kimberly and i’m from Ohio, USA. I’m really in need of someone to spend the time with. I own a very big and running boutique.If you are handsome and caring, if you are gentle and lovable then hook up with me as I need someone to keep me company. I have all the luxuries that will keep us flying to any part of South Africa and beyond.
Location: Dallas, Texas, USA Free Whatsapp Number: +120***5****

A 37 years old Black Sugar Mummy In Alabama, USA is interested in a man of at least 18 years for a long-term relationship. This Black Sugar Mummy In Alabama, USA is single and has two children.

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This Black Sugar Mummy In Alabama, USA hates smoking but drinks socially, and she is looking for a God-fearing man for a relationship. Here is how this Black Sugar Mummy In Alabama, USA described herself and the kind of man and relationships she is interested in. Free Whatsapp Number: +120***5****

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Well, I want what most sugar mummies want. A man who can give her a very nice time. I don’t plan to be with a man who is into medicine like I am. There was one I dated who never had time for me because he was always busy. In fact, anyone who does work that keeps them too busy for his sugar mummy is not wanted. He should have a job but also have time for me. If there can’t be time for me, then I am not interested. Any man who wants me must be handsome. He must be extremely good when giving a woman a nice time. He must know a lot of tricks to give me satisfaction and pleasure at the same time. Free Whatsapp Number: +17058******

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  • Am Yong man am 34yersold am gentle boy my ***27034365 am interested in relationship trust me I meet some agent u collect money every time u know give me sugar mummy please help me out with real sugar mummy driect give me ur phone number directly I need serious relationship

    I understand that love is honesty, love is homourous,tranquility,love faithfulness,cleanliness,love is respectful,happiness and joy***;.and you name it.Then satisfaction does not reached wereby l act like a cock to a hen just jump on top and f**k f**k. It has got some ingrediants. I start from bathing or shower where l bath you mamma carry you to the room,apply you some oils***;***;***;.hurry mamma for this special toyboy that satisfy you with more on thomasganox********** or call on +26***6******

  • Hi there I’m interested in u I also need serous relationship long lasting honest to each other loyal always there when mi need u I’m truly serious to be in a relationship with someone who understands what is love I’ll make you happy feel like u a 20yrs girl I will make u feel like a young girl wen it comes to bad 45 minets and more I will give you the love you deserved get hold of me on WhatsApp or call I’ll give you u the love you were missing all these years I give it to u love treat u as a queen 👑

  • Hello how are you doing I like your you l I want us to become one ,l am caring man Loving , hard working , romantic no drinking no smoking ,l will make sure that you are not regret in our relationship thank you

  • Hello sweetheart, hope you are doing great. Am Collins from Ghana. A 24yrs graduate who respect the views and decision of others. +***542891056 is my WhatsApp number, you can either call or WhatsApp me. Collinsamonooennin********** is my mail. Am fair in complexion and have some muscles. Please try me and you will never regret

  • Mamma you special,very special, l respect you.l love you. I am honesty genuine good and handsome. If you you link you will be back to this platform with a testimony and put this platfrom on highest position without any platform following it. This l promise you. Mamma l am loaded overloaded more than what you requested. Get my details at the admn.

  • Hellow DEAR Sugar Mummy,.I’m really interested in you so much to be ur sugar boy I’m Bethuel Haefa age 20 single young handsome good looking guy from Papua New Guinea, I really love you after going through ur profile and I hope I’m the right guy you’re looking for coz I have a good sense of humor, dear I can’t talk much coz I hate much talking well dear just get in touch with me my queen,.


    My Queen I’m waiting to hear from you..😘😘❤❤💑

  • Is good to have someone like u in my life. But Many people as take a wrong step because fraudster is lookin for way to duped us. If u are serious to have a better relationship call me on phone direct my contact+***8130632771. Love u.


  • Is good to have someone like u in my life. But Many people as take a wrong step because fraudster is lookin for way to duped us. If u are serious to have a better relationship call me on phone direct my contact+***8130632771. Love u




  • Hello My Dearest , I hope you will be very surprise with my later to you am James Naleey from Nigeria leaving in Ghana presently this is my telephone number +******462777
    it is nice and joyful to found you as a friend in need in my life and i want to let you know that you have make my world so joyous for a living. I find it most beautiful having you in my life to make you a friend in this regard. It shows how much you value this friendship. I do not know who you are very well for now, or how you are at this moment, but I just want you to know that I hold unto life and look forward to the day you will meet me. You are a special friend to me and i valued your well being.